My Role: producer, technical designer, VFX artist
Team: Arthur Akopyan, Timothi Ellim, Justin Lu, Ysidro Hartzell, Carter Piccillo, and Graham Southern
Tools: Unity, Maya
What: Wavebent is a third-person online team-based gravitational brawler that lets you knock the enemy team out of the map with "Gravity Waves". In the various game modes, the two teams (red/blue) play in epic battles that range from capturing objectives to elimination style gameplay. My main roles in Wavebent were to develop the visual style, conceptualize game modes, and organize the team. The original intent of this game was to create a “brawler” type game that used no traditional weapons, but instead only used forces to knock players out of bounds. However, the pressure built and we found it easier to build the forces into the tools most users would recognize; grenades and launchers.